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Deep Cleaning Services

Your deep cleaning services include the following:

  • Kitchens: Counter tops, kitchen table, kitchen chairs, outside/underneath of  all appliances, dust décor, sinks, flooring,  windows, window sills and tracks, shelving (outside/top of cabinets), light fixtures, back splashes, baseboards, doorframes, outlets and light switches.

  • Living Rooms and hallways: Dusting, garbage pick up, flooring, shelving, windows, window sills and tracks, light fixtures, baseboards, wipe down doors and frames, move and clean under furniture (depending on size and weight), dust curtain rods, clean outside of vent covers, outlets and light switches. 

  • Bathrooms: Toilet, bathtub, shower and curtain rod, sink, mirror, garbage, flooring by hand (Unless carpeted), dusting, windows, window sills and tracks, towels neatly hung and folded, baseboards, outside of cabinetry, light fixtures, clean towel and toilet paper holders, doors and frames, outlets and light switches.

  • Bedrooms: Dusting, picking up (if you leave a laundry basket we will collect laundry throughout the house and put it in the basket for you), flooring, windows, window sills and tracks, light fixtures, outlets and light switches, baseboards, and curtain rods, doors and frames, clean vent covers.

  • Foyers/Entry Ways: Dusting, windows, window sills and tracks, stairs, railings, flooring (including rugs), outlets and light switches, doors and frames, light fixtures, clean vent covers, baseboards.

  • Laundry room: Dusting, flooring, clean exterior of washer/dryer, clean lint trap of dryer,  clean interior of washer/dryer doors, exterior of cabinetry, empty garbage, baseboards, outlets and light switches, light fixtures, doors and frames, sink, windows-sills and tracks.

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